Dr. Cameron Morhaliek

ADHD W5 – What, Who, Why, When, and Wonderful, with Dr. Cameron Morhaliek
– Wednesday, June 22, 2022

What is ADHD? Developmental Considerations.
Who gets ADHD? Comorbidity Discussions.
Why Treat it? Why are there choices of treatment?
When to Treat, When not to. Who treats?
Wonderful outcomes and considerations.

About Dr. Morhaliek

Dr. Cameron Morhaliek is a senior psychiatrist with about 25 years clinical experience after residency training in both adult and children’s psychiatry. He was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, trained in Hawaii, and then came back to Alberta to practice. He has worked at multiple community settings including CASA Centre, Leduc Mental Health Clinic and PCN, Misericordia Hospital Child Health Clinic, Grey Nuns Community Hospital, and his own private office settings. Recently, he has decided to slow down practice and split services between Alberta and B.C. Dr. Morhaliek is a “talking” psychiatrist – meaning that he spends a lot of time listening to the narratives of patients/families, responding to their needs, and above all greatly values psychotherapy interventions including groups and trauma treatments like EMDR. As such, Dr. Morhaliek is not just a prescriber of meds in 10 minute appointment time frames. Dr. Morhaliek is not sponsored by any pharmaceutical company and the opinions herein are his own given the wide experiences in outpatient psychiatry he has managed since 1998 in Alberta.