Diagnosis – Adults

Routes to Getting a Diagnosis and Professional Contact List

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services will pay for most of the costs of assessments through the medical system. This can involve a general practitioner or a psychiatrist. Some doctors charge a small fee to process behaviour checklists (less than $100). Wait times for an appointment will vary but often will take months. Advantages include low cost and the doctor’s ability to prescribe medication if desired, and follow-up care.

Private Psychologist 

A comprehensive assessment by a psychologist takes anywhere from 4 – 10 hours and currently, fees for psychologists range from $190 – $220 per hour. Some benefits programs or EAPs help pay the costs, and some programs restrict who you can see or only pay the fees if they have been pre-approved or authorized. Check your plan before seeing a psychologist. It is important to know that psychologists assess, diagnose and provide counselling but do not prescribe medication. An ADHD assessment is a thorough process that typically includes a lengthy interview, information from another source (e.g., parent or spouse, school record), and questionnaires and testing. The assessment should also ensure that other conditions (e.g., anxiety or depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and psychotic disorders), which can have similar symptoms to ADHD, are considered and “ruled out” or diagnosed as a co-morbid or co-existing condition. 

Once diagnosed, an individual can begin the process of seeking education about the condition, considering medication to address some of the associated symptoms, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and developing strategies for managing symptoms.

U of A Clinical Services

The Clinical Services of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta is committed to the community by providing low-cost services to the general public. In addition, they offer more affordable services by providing graduate students with quality training and supervised experience in counselling, psychological assessment, and literacy remediation. They currently provide an assessment ($750) and counselling ($50/session). Costs are current as of March 2021 but are subject to change.

Adult ADHD Centre


Adult ADHD Centre provides online adult ADHD assessments across Canada which includes:

  • Detailed assessment tool.
  • Clinical assessment interview.
  • Detailed medical consultation report, includes non-medication, medication and accommodation recommendations.
  • Consultation report signed by the Medical Director, Educational Director, and Nurse Practitioner.
  • 30-minute sleep consultation and a personalized sleep plan.
  • Timely assessments.
  • Cost: $300 CAD


Provides online Adult ADHD diagnostic assessment, treatment and ongoing care for adults with ADHD for $599 CAD.


  1. Complete the online assessment to see if you are a good fit for Frida, and if they can support your specific needs.
  2. If they can support your specific needs, you will be able to schedule a judgement-free, full length evaluation with a clinician. It will be conducted by phone.
  3. During the first visit, your clinician will get to know you and work with you to determine which treatment, if any, is appropriate. Your treatment could include medication, therapy or both. Frida does not provide therapy yet but can point you towards other solutions that may work for you.
  4. If you are prescribed medication, it is usually delivered to your home within two business days.
  5. Typically, you will see your clinician for short visits every 4 to 8 weeks at the start to work on tailoring your treatment plan to your specific needs.
  6. Once your treatment plan is optimized and you’ve reached your optimal dose, you should continue to meet with a Frida clinician every 12 weeks. Outside of your appointments, you can always message your Frida care team. Responses are typically received within 2 business days.


Professional Contact Information *



Referral Required 



Dr. M. Poitras

Ermineskin Clinic Century Park Professional Building #301, 2377-111 St. Edmonton, AB T6J 5E5


General Practitioner

No referall needed.

Approx wait time:3 months.

$40 Fee for questionnaire package processing

Children, Youth, Adult ADHD

Glenora Medical Centre

Chokka Centre for Integrative Health

201-2603 Hewes Way, (Millwoods) NW Edmonton



Dr. Jonathan Hamill

Dr. P. Chokka

Dr. Jonathan Hamill

Dr. Krista Leicht

Family doctors:

Dr. Ghalib Ahmed

Dr. Gurpaul Bara


Dr. David Sinclair

Yes: family doctor

Approx wait time: 9 months, but can get on cancellation list. Individual & group therapy; rates vary

Adult ADHD

Chokka Centre for Integrated Health 

Envision Mind Care

5586 Windermere Blvd, Suite #205 Edmonton, AB


Dr. Karthikeyan Ganapathy, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Marnie MacKay, Nurse Therapist

Dr. Hansen Zhou, Registered Psychologist

Dr. Nagendra Sampath, Consultant Psychiatrist

Yes: Family Doctor 

Approx wait time: 5-8 weeks

Adult ADHD

Envision Mind Care 

Dr. Nagy Youssef

2931 – 66 Street NW, Edmonton



Yes: family doctor

Approx wait time: 5-6 months

Adult ADHD


Edmonton North PCN

Northgate Centre
1038 Northgate Centre
9499-137 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5E 5R8



Yes: Family doctor

Adult ADHD

and other mental health

Edmonton North PCN


PLEASE NOTE:  This list is not comprehensive and includes only the contact information for professionals with whom AAGE is familiar. The health professionals listed are identified as those who can diagnose and/or treat individuals with ADHD. We do not endorse or recommend any method, treatment, or program provided by these professionals.  We encourage you to research all treatments, products, and programs before you purchase them.                           

Please check with each office directly for confirmation of any information above.

You may also consider checking the Online Referral Search at the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta to look for a professional working with adults. Discuss the service you are seeking with any psychologist and whether they have the experience and expertise to help you.