ADHD and Medication

ADHD symptoms can impact a person at home, in the classroom or at work. After receiving an ADHD diagnosis for yourself or your child, you might be thinking about the options available to help manage these symptoms. Medication can be an important part of a comprehensive or multimodal ADHD treatment plan that might include behavioral or routine changes, exercise and meditation. However, it is your personal decision and you should not feel pressured into using or not using medication.

It can be difficult to make decisions about using medication to treat ADHD. There are numerous medications which may have varying effects on each individual. The ADHD Association does not prescribe or specifically recommend what treatment is best for you or your child but we offer some thoughts and resources below to help you with that decision.  

In making medication decisions, it will generally be useful to:

  • Talk to your child’s family doctor, pediatrician or psychiatrist.
  • Talk to your family doctor or psychiatrist.
  • Talk to other parents or individuals with ADHD. We have both an adult and a parent support group that meet monthly. Come join the welcoming and supportive groups where you can ask questions and talk about medication. Keep in mind that any medical information shared at these meetings is not to be taken as advice but is simply the experience of the individual.
  • Browse our Facebook page: ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton for various perspectives and experiences with medication. The opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the ADHD Association.
  • Do some online research using credible sources such as the following:


ADHD Medication Options: Stimulants, Nonstimulants & More

CHADD – ADHD Quick Facts Medication in ADHD Treatment

 CHADD – ADHD Quick Facts Complementary Interventions for ADHD

Formulation Trade Name Coverage
Long-Acting Stimulants Foquest Not covered
  Concerta Not covered
  Adderall XR Not covered
  MPH ER-C Not covered
  MPH ER (Generic) Covered
  Biphentin Covered
  Vyvanse Covered
  Vyvanse Chewable Under Review
Short Acting Stimulants Ritalin Covered
  Ritalin SR Covered
  Dexedrine Covered
  Dexedrine Spansules Covered
Non-Stimulant Medications Strattera Not covered
  Intuniv XR Not covered
*Information retrieved from the province of Alberta in October 2020, click here to access the most
up to date coverage information.