Psychologist List

Psychologist List – Diagnosis and/or Counselling
Please note professionals are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Cheryl Becker, Registered Psychologist

Adult ADHD Clinic on Whyte – Edmonton
ADHD testing and counselling modules specific to adults
Ph: 780-433-1666

Corinne Eckert, Registered Psychologist and Clinical Director

Corinne Eckert Child and Adolescent Psychology
Counselling support to children, adolescents and their parents
Training in Core Social Skills program for ages 6-15
Consultation to parents of children/youth with ADHD
Ph: 780-454-4634

Farrel Greenspan, Registered Psychologist

Assessment and Treatment for adolescents and adults
Ph: 780-901-2638

The Manor Clinic

Level Up Wellness Group – Beaumont
Comprehensive mental health support, assessment, and treatment services to children, youth and adults (psychiatry, psychology, social work, occupational therapy,
Dr. Tanya Wasielewski, PhD Registered Psychologist.
Deepa Thomas, Registered Psychologist.
Victoria Clauson, Registered Psychologist
Ph: 780-669-8555

Dr. Marliss Meyer PhD, Registered Psychologist

Cornerstone Counselling Centre- Edmonton
Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD (children/youth/ adults)
Ph. 780-482-6215

Amanda Montey, Registered Psychologist

Family Counselling Centres – Edmonton
Anxiety, mood disorders, OCD, suicidal ideation, self-injury and other issues – children/youth/young adults with diagnosed or suspected ADHD and/or ASD.
Ph: 780-612-8577, ext. 26

Dr. Melody Morin, Registered Psychologist

Level Up Wellness Group – Beaumont
Wrap around care with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Registered Psychologists, Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Therapists, Social Workers, Canadian Certified Counsellors, ADHD Coach. Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, Autism), and other mental health disorders. Serves children/youth/adult
Ph: 780-886-4345

Monica Nabor and Ellen Robertson, Registered Psychologists

Tandem Psychology – Edmonton
Child/youth mental health concerns and neurodevelopmental differences (ie., ADHD, ASD), program for anxious children, treatment for Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, social skills
Ph: 780-761-3871

Larissa Predy, Registered Psychologist and Clinical Director

Little Oaks Psychology – Edmonton
Assessment, counselling, learning and behavioral coaching for children/youth
ADHD Coaching (children, youth, adults, parents)
Ph: 780-405-4209

Jana Roberto, Registered Psychologist (available in Greater Edmonton)

Life In Colour Psychology – Ft. Saskatchewan
Psychological Assessment for ADHD and Autism from infancy to adulthood
Pre-screening prior to full assessment for next steps and resources
Ph: 587-327-6226

Colleen Stratton, Registered Psychologist

ABC Psychological Services – Edmonton
Psychological or psycho-educational assessments for children/youth/adults
Ph: 780-756-9280

Tamara Stuart, Registered Psychologist

Mudita Psychological – Edmonton
Virtual Therapy for adults – online and over the phone
Ph: 587-853-6600

Linda Tilley, Registered Psychologist

Counselling and consultation to adults with ADHD as individuals or in relationships; consultation to parents of a child with ADHD
Ph: 780-702-8905

Dr. Erik Wikman, Registered Psychologist

ADHD diagnosis and treatment (children, adolescents, and adults)
Ph: 780-916-0362

For treatment with medication, individuals must see their family doctor or psychiatrist.

Please note that this list is not comprehensive and includes only the contact information for professionals with whom AAGE is familiar. The health professionals listed are identified as those who can diagnose and/or treat individuals with ADHD. We do not endorse or recommend any method, treatment or program provided by these professionals. Therefore, research any and all treatments, products, and programs before you purchase them. Please check with each office directly for confirmation of any information above.

You may also consider checking the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta website to look for a professional who works with children or adults ( Click on the Online Referral Search, fill in your preferences and a list of professionals will come up. Call and discuss directly with the psychologist the service you are seeking and whether they have the experience and expertise to help you.

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