Guest Speaker – Navigating Post-Secondary

Deanna Fidelak, B. Ed., M. Ed,

Navigating Post-Secondary for Students with ADHD. Tips from MyLearningCoach, with Deanna Fidelak, M. Ed, B. Ed

There are many supports available to students with ADHD at the post-secondary level.

This session aims to increase understanding and awareness of the support and services available to students who experience barriers to learning, as a result of ADHD, in the post-secondary environment. Participants will gain valuable information related to the appropriate steps student’s need to take in order to receive such support.

About Deanna

Deanna is the founder of MyLearningCoach which consists of a team of educational professionals who provide academic coaching, advocacy and support services to students and families across Canada. MyLearningCoach believes all students can learn and is committed to supporting students to experience educational success.

Deanna holds a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Special Education and a Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta. She utilizes her lived experience with ADHD and a Learning Disability, as well as her knowledge of removing barriers to learning, to guide others to obtain individualized educational success.

Prior to MyLearningCoach, Deanna spent many years working within the K-12 education system as a teacher, special education facilitator and school administrator. Currently, Deanna works in post-secondary education as an educational strategist, learning specialist and course instructor in educational psychology.