ADHD and the Pursuit of Self-Actualization

ADHD and the Pursuit of Self-Actualization, with Justin Lessard, Justin Lessard, BA, BEd, 

Being diagnosed with ADHD can come with many challenges but one of the main obstacles is accepting yourself in a world that doesn’t accept you back. This session will engage individuals with the impact that living in a non-inclusive world has on those living with ADHD. We will talk about grief, masking, chameleoning, and what it means to embrace our neurodivergence when the world continues to try and “change” us. Come loaded with questions as we work on our ambiguous loss and collective experience.

About Justin

Justin Lessard (he/him) is a certified Canadian counselor who works closely with individuals who have been traumatized. Justin is co-founder of 9 Circle Therapy, trauma therapist at YESS YEG, and a sessional professor at Concordia University. He specializes in work around trauma, ADHD, and personality disorders. Justin utilizes a personalized approach that fits clients for their specific needs and works with them on their goals and issues. He believes strongly in the impact that the human connection can have and the need to develop more mental health conscious communities. His work is actively seeking to engage in anti-racist, decolonized, 2SLGBTQ+ affirming, and harm reduction approaches to better work with all those in our community.