Support Groups

“Those of us who have been diagnosed are not objects to be acted upon. We are fully human subjects who can act and in acting, change our situation. We are human beings and we can speak for ourselves. We have a voice and can learn to use it. We have the right to be heard and listened to. We can become self-determining. We can take a stand toward what is distressing to us and need not be passive victims of an illness. We can become experts in our own journey of recovery.” – PATRICIA DEEGAN, PH.D

You’re not alone. Connecting with others who understand and have experienced the same challenges can help. We offer free, peer-led, facilitated ADHD Support Groups for:

  •         Parents
  •         Young Adults
  •         Adults and their Partners
  •         Women

Our support groups are led by ADHD Edmonton trained facilitators who either have ADHD themselves, or have someone in their life diagnosed with it. These monthly meetings are a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental space for people to share their common experiences and concerns with others who can relate and provide emotional support and understanding. *All meetings are via Google Meet until further notice.