Diagnosis – Children & Youth

Five Routes to get a Diagnosis, and Professional Contacts

The School System

Present your concerns to your child’s school administration. In elementary school, meet with the teacher and principal. In junior or senior high, your first contact should be with the school guidance counsellor.  Request a psychoeducational (cognitive and academic) and ADHD assessment. In some districts, a psychologist will assess your child at no cost to the parents.  Always ask for a meeting with the school staff to review the results and recommendations.

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services will pay for most of the assessment costs by a general practitioner, a pediatrician, or a child/adolescent psychiatrist through the medical system. Some doctors charge a small fee to process behaviour checklists (less than $100). Wait times for an appointment will vary but often will take months. Advantages include low cost, the doctor’s ability to prescribe medication if desired, and follow-up care. 

If your child is experiencing significant struggles due to ADHD symptoms at home or school, ask your family doctor or pediatrician to request an appointment with the ADHD Clinic at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. The Glenrose is a “tertiary” program — only children with a referral can access these services. The clinic deals with children under 17 years of age who have ADHD and other mental health difficulties.  Some children with complex needs may be referred by the school or the family doctor to the School-Age Neurodevelopmental Clinic at the Glenrose for assessment and support. Unfortunately, there is a wait time for space in the clinic. 

Private Psychologist

An assessment by a psychologist can cost approximately $2000 for a comprehensive evaluation. Some benefits programs help pay the costs, while some programs restrict who you can see or only pay the fees if they have been preapproved or authorized.  Check your plan before visiting a psychologist.  A private psychologist can assess, diagnose and provide counselling.  Advantages can include quicker access, comprehensive testing and reporting, and follow-up counselling. If that is your preference, you will need a medical doctor or psychiatrist on your team to receive prescriptions for medication.

U of A Clinical Services

The Clinical Services of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta is committed to the community by providing low-cost services to the general public. In addition, they offer more affordable services by providing graduate students with quality training and supervised experience in counselling, psychological assessment, and literacy remediation. Clinical Services currently offer an assessment ($750) and counselling ($50/session). Costs are current as of January 2023 but are subject to change.

NOTE: The Clinical Services of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta is not accepting new assessment referrals for children and adults at this time. The self-referral form will be posted on this page when they are able to take new referrals. The Counselling Centre waitlist is currently full – names will be added to the Winter 2023 waitlist.

Child and Adolescent Services Association

Child and Adolescent and Family Mental Health (CASA) is a non-profit organization providing community-based mental health assessment and clinic treatment to children, youth, and families. The School Age Services (SAS) clinic offers family-centred, trauma-informed care that involves a child’s parents or other caregivers as active participants in the treatment. Services include evidence-based individual, group, and family therapy. Common concerns are ADHD, depression, anxiety, behavioural issues, sleep issues, and school avoidance. For children 5-18, a health professional or family physician can make a referral through centralized intake at AHS (825-402-6799).

Professional Contact Information *



Referral Required

Ages Served 


Misericordia Community Hospital Behavior Clinic Child Health Centre 2nd floor, 16930 – 87 Ave
Edmonton, AB

Kathy: 780-735-2613

Multi-disciplinary team

Assessment & Intervention Individual, Family, Social Skills, Resiliency Training

Yes: family doctor or pediatrician                   

No fee

Approx wait time for assessments: 4 months

Approx wait time for social skills: 18+ months

School-Aged Children

Misericordia Behavior Clinic Child Health Centre

Northeast Community Health Centre                                               

14007-50 St., Edmonton


780-342-4196 (F)


Dr. Islam

Dr. Talwar

Dr. Wincott

Dr. Rajani

Dr. Zhang

Dr. Rydz

Dr. Nasir

Yes: family doctor

Approx. wait time: 9 months

Children and Youth

Northeast Community Health Centre

East Edmonton Health Centre (Learning & Development Clinic)

7910-112 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Phone 780-342-4719

780-342-4799 (Switchboard)


Referrals generally through a family doctor or school

Children and Youth

East Edmonton Health Centre, Child Health 

Child Psychiatry Associates, 240 Garneau Professional Centre                                

11044-82 Avenue, Edmonton T6G 0T2


780-437-3499 (F) *


Yes: family doctor

Approx wait time: 18-24 months

Children and Youth

Child Psychiatry Associates 

Dr. S. Galante

Rm 220, 10405 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB T5J 4R5                       



Yes: Family Doctor 

Approx wait time: dependent on submission of documents

Children and Youth

Baker Clinic

Dr. M. Blackman

10024-116 St.
Edmonton, AB T5K 1V6



Yes: family doctor

Approx wait time: 2-3 months after documentation has been submitted 

Children and Youth

Children’s Health Center

Dr. M. Poitras

Ermineskin Clinic
#301, 2377- St.
Edmonton, AB T6J 5E5


General Practitioner


Approx wait time: 3 months

No fee for children under 18.

$40 for adult questionnaire package processing

Children, Youth, and Adult

Glenora Medical Clinic 

Dr. C. Morhaliek

10443-85 Ave,
Edmonton, AB
T6E 2K2



Yes: family doctor

Not taking new patients currently. *

Call to check in the fall.

Children, Youth, and Adult


*Glenrose Rehabilitation HospitalChild and Family Psychiatry Unit – ADHD Clinic
10230 111 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5G 0B7


*Recommend community-based clinics first; the Glenrose takes more complex mental health cases with strict referral criteria


Dr. Paul Soper*

Dr. Nkechi Abuyombe

*patients resistant to medication treatment

Yes: Family doctor

Approx wait time: varies

Generally not long-term treatment; often one-time consult then back to family doctor

Children, Youth, Adults

Outpatient ADHD Clinic: child and youth

Diagnosis and treatment; follow-up by family doctor

Glenrose Pediatric Complex Therapies Clinic 

Stollery Psychiatric Out-Patient Clinic




PLEASE NOTE: This list is not comprehensive and includes only the contact information for professionals with whom AAGE is familiar. The health professionals listed are those who can diagnose and treat individuals with ADHD. We do not endorse or recommend any method, treatment, or program provided by these professionals.  We encourage you to research all treatments, products, and programs before you purchase them.                           

Please check with each office directly for confirmation of any information above.

You may also consider checking the Online Referral Search at the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta website to look for a professional who works with children. Discuss the service you are seeking with any psychologist and whether they have the experience and expertise to help you.