Favorite The AAGE is pleased to offer a new group meeting for young adults with ADHD.

This monthly meeting is a facilitated round-table discussion specifically for young adults with ADHD. We talk about our experiences and share both concerns and helpful ideas for managing this time of life.Topics can include dating and relationships, choosing a career, starting post-secondary education, medication, and other issues brought to the group. This is an inclusive meeting, offering a safe space for helpful conversations. Please see our event calendar, and follow us on Facebook for dates, times and special notices.

Partner Support Group Meeting

Partner Support Group Meeting

The monthly partner group meeting takes place at the same time as the Adult ADHD group meeting. If you are in a relationship with someone with ADHD, join us for this monthly conversation. We offer a safe space where you will offer and receive support, learn about adult ADHD and strategies for day-to-day life.  This is your time to share in a safe, supportive environment. These round table discussions are facilitated.

Mark your calendars for the third Wednesday of each month. Come to
Classroom A, University of Alberta Hospital,
8440 – 112 Street NW, Edmonton.

U of A Directions 

Where exactly is this classroom?

This space can be tricky to find – but don’t give up! As you enter the University of Alberta hospital at street level from the 112 street (East) entrance, look to the left for a set of double doors and an escalator/staircase. If you enter from the 114th Street  (West) entrance, walk through the hospital all the way towards the 112 Street entrance and look to your right for the double doors and escalator/stairs. 

Take the escalator/stairs to the second floor. Turn to your left and make a U-turn, proceeding along the hall  (following the crosswalk style lines on the floor), across a small walkway that looks over the entrance below; this brings you into the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry space. Classroom A is on your left.

Signage with the ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton logo will be placed to help you find your way.