Our Story:

When Rachel Rogers was diagnosed with ADHD in 2009, she looked for community support. Finding none, she came across a group in Calgary that hosted occasional support meetings in Edmonton. At that meeting, she realized how important it was to connect with others who experienced similar challenges. Voraciously reading about ADHD, she realized how misinformed she was and became passionate about educating the community with science-based information. So, with the assistance and support of CHADD Calgary, from the office of her den, she launched what would become the ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton (AAGE). Since then, the non-profit society, run entirely by volunteers, has grown into a charitable organization that serves the greater Edmonton area. The mission of AAGE is to support those affected by ADHD in the Greater Edmonton Area through awareness, education, and resources. The board of directors decided early on to offer all services without charge, and that has remained an important policy.

AAGE Executive

AAGE Executive

President: Ric Gibbons
Secretary: Shannon Beaton
Treasurer: Rob Geiger


adhd edmonton directors
  • Member: Rachel Rogers
  • Member: Jodi Perrott
  • Member: Sasha McCauley
  • Member: Jennifer Merrick
  • Member: Dave Breakenridge

Support Meeting Co-Facilitators

  • Dave Breakenridge
  • Jennifer Merrick
  • Jody Draganiuk
  • Sean Swaby
  • Madison Ferran

Professional Advisory Board

advisory board adhd edmonton
  • Dr. Erik Wikman, Registered Psychologist 
  • Dr. Paul Soper, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist                                                                       

Learn more about our Monthly Support Group Meetings here.

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