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“MANY CHILDREN AND ADULTS WHO HAVE ADHD ALSO HAVE A SLEEP DISORDER— almost three out of four children and adolescents, and up to four out of five adults with ADHD. Not getting enough sleep, or needing to sleep at times that don’t mesh with school or work obligations, can have significant long-term effects. Those can include physical illness, behavioural issues, and mood changes. While adults may seem obviously tired when they are behind on sleep, fatigue in children often looks like exaggerated ADHD symptoms: hyperactivity and impulsivity—sometimes even aggressiveness and acting out.” – National Resource Centre on ADHD

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“SLEEP DISORDERS ARE COMMON AMONG PEOPLE WITH ADHD. If you have trouble sleeping, you’ll probably feel the effects at school or work, in your relationships, and while driving and going about your daily life. In diagnosing a sleep disorder, telling a doctor or mental health provider about sleep problems is an important place to start.” – National Resource Centre on ADHD

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“DID YOU KNOW that up to 70 percent of children with ADHD have difficulty falling asleep?
Well, if you’re a parent of a child with ADHD, you probably aren’t surprised—but perhaps you didn’t realize that the percentage was so high. About half of parents of children with ADHD say that their child’s sleep difficulty is moderate to severe in nature. The sleep problems experienced by children with ADHD really vary.” 
– Emma Sciberras, DPsych

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Sleep On It – Sleep Disorders

The Sleep Foundation –  ADHD and Sleep 

Child Mind Institute – ADHD and Sleep Disorders: are kids getting misdiagnosed? 

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ADHD and Sleep Problems: This is Why You’re Always So Tired

Sleep disorders are believed to be one of the most common types of coexisting conditions among adults and children with ADHD.” Healthline – ADHD and Sleep Disorders 

“Adults with ADHD often have trouble falling and staying asleep, leading to daytime drowsiness and possibly a worsening of symptoms. But just because you’ve been diagnosed with attention-busting disorder doesn’t mean better sleep is impossible. Follow these 9 tips to get more shut-eye, and you may find your symptoms of ADHD improve too…”
Everyday Health – Better Sleep for Adults with ADHD 

“Does ADD make you tired? Sleep disturbances caused by ADHD have been overlooked for a number of reasons, including the late age of onset. But recent studies confirm that ADD symptoms do not go away at night. Here, understand the ADHD and sleep link and its most common manifestations.”
Attitude Magazine – ADHD and Sleep Problems: this is why you’re always so tired by William Dodson M.D.


Scholarly Articles

ADHD and sleep: recent advances and future directions by SP Becker – ScienceDirect

What is the link between ADHD and Sleep Disturbance? A multimodal examination of longitudinal relationships and brain structure using large scale population-based cohorts- Archival Report – ScienceDirect

Associations of sleep disturbance with ADHD: implications for treatment by Allan Hvolby – Springer Link

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