New Program: Training in Core Social Skills

Edmonton psychologist Corinne Eckert offers regular Training in Core Social Skills programs throughout the year. To meet demand, the group has added a new program called the 1-1 Social Coaching Program. Based on their Training in Core Social Skills program, children/teens will get the foundational learning of social cognition and, building on this; learning skills related to understanding nonverbal communication (their own and others’); being successful in verbal communication; also handling difficult emotions and social problem-solving.
In this program therapists can:
  • individualize the sessions to the child’s particular needs
  • bring in more concrete examples from the child’s own environment  
  • have the parents involved in each session, to get updated feedback on the application of skills in the child’s life and also to provide weekly parent coaching tips
  • offer fun social coaching practice at the end of each session with another child and their social coach 
It may be an excellent fit for a child for whom regular group programs are not the best fit because:
  • the groups are full 
  • the start date is missed
  • the child needs a different pace of learning
  • the group program dates/times do not work for the family
  • the child is not emotionally/physically regulated enough yet to learn effectively in a group environment
  • the child needs greater amounts of individualized support
For more information please contact Corinne Eckert Child and Adolescent Psychology
Phone:  (780) 454-4634
*These psychological services may be reimbursed through extended health insurance program. Appropriate receipts are provided.
This information is provided as a service to the AAGE community. The AAGE does not offer endorsement for ADHD counseling, coaching or support services.
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