Building Skills for Academic Success: Let’s Talk

Join us for this special presentation by Jean Mark – How to Succeed at University eBook.

Jean Mark

Jean will describe the learning challenges of post-secondary students she has worked with and the strategies she has customized for them. She will then interview an Edmonton student and identify strategies to help him with the learning process at a post-secondary level.

Beyond her work with individual students in the academic setting, Jean has long been a volunteer advocate for the parents of students with learning challenges. This includes having co-facilitated a parent support group bringing together information, education and community resources to address ADHD issues, co-facilitated an adult ADHD support group, and created a unique support group for parents of young adults attending post-secondary school to address learning and support for academics. 

Jean has a BA in Psychology and a diploma in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. She is a member of the Learning Specialists Association of Canada. She is currently working at Mount Royal University as an Academic Strategist.

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Where exactly is this classroom?

This space can be tricky to find – but don’t give up! As you enter the Universtiy of Alberta hospital at street level from the 112 street (East) entrance, look to the left for a set of double doors and an escalator/staircase. If you enter from the 114th Street  (West) entrance, walk through the hospital all the way towards the 112 Street entrance and look to your right for the double doors and escalator/stairs. 

Take the escalator/stairs to the second floor. Turn to your left and make a U-turn, proceeding along the hall  (following the crosswalk style lines on the floor), across a small walkway that looks over the entrance below; this brings you into the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry space. The door to Classroom D is on the corner, directly across from the public washrooms.

Signage with the ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton logo will be placed to help you find your way.


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