Emotional Regulation . . . Not letting emotions get the best of us

Cheryl Becker BridgeCheryl Becker joins our November Adult Support Meeting to talk about emotional regulation.

On Emotions and our reactions to them can be complicated for kids and adults. In our busy and complex world, we have all felt overwhelmed, afraid, frustrated, bored and angry to name just a few emotional experiences. In the last few years, there has been a great deal of research into the purpose of our emotions and feelings, how they work and what we can do to help better handle and manage our emotional experiences.  

In this presentation, Cheryl will share some information about our six main emotions (sadness, anger, fear, surprise, joy and shame) and how to manage some of the more difficult of these. Cheryl will offer some practical, emotionally healthy ideas for managing difficult emotions, and how to help our children do the same.  

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Eventbrite - Emotional Regulation - not letting our emotions get the best of us
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