Dr. Soper’s Presentation to Parents of Children with ADHD

The Glenrose Hospital Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Clinic is offering a parent education session to help caregivers and parents manage their child’s ADHD.

Dr. Paul Soper, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist specializing in ADHD, will be speaking on the topic of using knowledge to empower parents to make choices around ADHD and their children.

This session is for those parents/caregivers who are accessing services within Children, Youth & Families, Addiction and Mental Health, Edmonton Zone and who want more in‐depth information on ADHD and its treatment.

This presentation is being offered on February 24 and again on May 25 at the Glenrose Hospital. Please register for the date that works best for you. See the attached poster for more details.

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